Retrographer (Vintage Photo Effects) — Mini Review

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Retrographer (Vintage Photo Effects) — Mini Review

This is a brief excerpt from PhotoFocus

One of my favorite plug-in discoveries  is Retrographer from Mr. Retro.  It works in Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Aperture, iPhoto.The plug-in designed to create authentic vintage photography effects. I’m already a big fan of Mr. Retro’s Machine Wash plug-in which ages text and images, and this versatile package really delivers. The manufacturer claims that users can perfectly re-create any vintage camera look including Lomo, Dianne, Holga, Polaroid, Brownie, Kodak, and Daguerreotype.  I’d say the claims are true.
To start there are a wide range of presets – over 1,100 preset camera settings to choose from.

But the presets are just starting points.  You’ll find total contra over all aspects. You can adjust:
Lens – Control focus and distortion.
Flash – Control light and spot effects.
Film – Control tone and grain for a unique look.
Lab – Control exposure, color, and hue.
Effects –Add vignettes, light leaks,and  halftones.
Finish – Add detailed textures and frames.

I really liked the toning and grain controls.  They are some of the most versatile I’ve ever found.
I found that the filter was very versatile…  although some of the controls were almost too deep.  Also, a small drawback, some effects require you to enter …

By: Richard Harrington

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