Organizing your Aperture Library, Part 2 of 3

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Organizing your Aperture Library, Part 2 of 3

This is a brief excerpt from PhotoFocus

Guest Post & Photos by Joseph Linaschke of | Follow him on Twitter
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Once you’ve devised what your strategy is going to be, you’re ready to sort out your old mess. Actually, first I’d recommend that you live with the new structure for a little while, to make sure it’s to your liking. You may find that you want to make tweaks to it when you first start living with it, and there’s no sense in organizing a decade of photos today to find out in a month that you wish you’d done things slightly differently. So, once you’ve devised your structure, import all new photos following your new method for a while, until you have determined that you’re happy with it.
Looking at a mess of photos is daunting, but organizing them can be done. The first step should be to create the framework, or shell, where everything will go. If you’re going to have two top level folders for personal and professional, create those. If you’re going to group by year, create an empty year folder for …

By: Richard Harrington

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