GoPro HD Hero 3 Black – Mini Review

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GoPro HD Hero 3 Black – Mini Review

This is a brief excerpt from PhotoFocus

I’ll let you in on a secret. I often use GoPro cameras where I used to use “real” cameras. That’s because the GoPro is a very versatile camera. And now that is doubly true. The new Hero 3 Black edition does just about everything but the dishes.
Let’s cover some simple basics that many of you might know (but people new to GoPro won’t.) The camera comes with a water-proof case and a variety of mounts. The Black edition comes with built-in Wi-Fi and the ability to make 4K video – sort of.
Each camera in the HERO3 lineup features built-in Wi-Fi and is 30 percent smaller, 25 percent lighter and two times more powerful than previous GoPro models. The HERO3: Black Edition ($399) is capable of capturing ultra-wide angle HD video at 1080p-60 frames per second (fps), 1440p-48 fps, 720p-120 fps, 2.7Kp-30 fps and 4Kp-15 fps. The HERO3: Black Edition can also capture 12MP photos at a staggering rate of 30 photos per second. As part of the HERO3 line GoPro also introduced Silver ($299) and White ($199) editions to give consumers more opportunities to select the camera with the capabilities and price point that is right for them.
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