Good Composition – Cropping People Like The Pros Do It

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Good Composition – Cropping People Like The Pros Do It

This is a brief excerpt from PhotoFocus

Guest Post by Tom Shue - Follow Tom on Twitter.

Composition is the act of framing the subject with respect to foreground and background elements relationship. Basically it’s how you express a vision and how you want your story told to be through a photograph. Composition has many elements and each one can have a huge impact on it, let me name a few:
Rule of thirds
Leading lines
Point of view
Orientation (portrait or landscape)
Depth Of Field
Cropping (the element we will discuss today)
Composition and Cropping are huge topics so I am just going to try to give you some tips that I use when “Cropping People.”
Cropping people and cropping landscape images are a bit different. With landscape images you usually just crop until you have eliminated the distracting elements while making sure the horizon line is level. With people, you do the same with respect to removing distracting elements but you must ensure the subject is the primary focus of the frame.
There are some things that you might have heard like “I have to shoot loose to leave space to fit an 8″ x 10″ frame” or “Cropping in post …

By: Richard Harrington

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