10 Reasons The Haters Are Mad About Adobe Creative Cloud

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10 Reasons The Haters Are Mad About Adobe Creative Cloud

This is a brief excerpt from PhotoFocus

Adobe started moving everyone to the cloud months ago and we’ve covered it extensively on Photofocus. From the very beginning, there’s been weeping and gnashing of teeth that has bordered on hysteria. In fact, in some cases, it’s mostly faux outrage based on greed, silliness, stupidity, disinformation, mob mentality, entitlement issues and misinformation.
Let’s set some ground rules. Adobe is in business to make money. How they choose to do it is up to them. If you don’t like their business model, move on. Nobody is holding a shotgun to your head making you buy their products. There are lots of alternatives. If you’re unhappy switch. But don’t cry like a 13-year old girl claiming you’ve been wronged. You haven’t. You have free choice. But for people like me, the switch to the Creative Cloud has been a Godsend. I personally couldn’t be happier about the plan. I get more frequent updates. Switching computer platforms is now easier than ever because Adobe’s license doesn’t say I have to use a certain computer. I can authorize or reauthorize as I need to. I can get updates automatically, etc.
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